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Sabotage OG is a highly sought-after hybrid strain known for its potent effects and distinct aroma. Bred by Terrapin, this strain is a cross between DC Lynx OG and a strain simply known as “Sabotage.” Its well-balanced effects are said to produce a relaxing body high and a creative, uplifting mental buzz.

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Sabotage OG is a hybrid strain that has gained a significant following in the cannabis community for its impressive effects and unique flavour profile. Bred by Terrapin, this strain is a cross between DC Lynx OG and a strain known simply as “Sabotage.”

One of the most notable characteristics of Sabotage OG is its potent effects. Many users report a relaxing body high that can soothe tension and help promote deep relaxation. Additionally, this strain is known to produce a creative, uplifting mental buzz that can help inspire creativity and focus.

Sabotage OG’s aroma and flavour profile are also highly praised by users. Its scent is often described as pungent and earthy, with hints of pine and citrus. On the tongue, Sabotage OG is said to have a smooth, sweet flavour with notes of spice and diesel.

Overall, Sabotage OG is a well-balanced hybrid strain that can offer a range of effects to suit various needs. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or inspiration, this strain is worth considering.





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